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Raising a Glass to Our Heroes - Honoring Veterans Day with a Special Donation

Updated: Feb 22

Veterans Soluting

There's a unique power in a good drink, and there's a unique power in giving back. HopScotch and Grape®, an organization deeply committed to social responsibility and community engagement, knows this all too well. Veterans Day, a significant day of honoring our brave Veterans, holds a special place in their hearts. This article centers around the philanthropic contribution from HopScotch and Grape® to Vote Vets on Veterans Day, exemplifying the essence of supporting Veterans and their families through their donations.

HopScotch and Grape® Honoring Veterans Day with a Special Donation

HopScotch and Grape®'s mission is simple yet profound—to uplift diversity in the alcohol industry, bring awareness, and make a difference through action. Their commitment to social responsibility is an integral part of their identity, and one of their main values is supporting causes that truly matter.

Veterans Day holds deep significance in the United States. It's a day to recognize and honor the sacrifices our Veterans have made. More than just a federal holiday, it's a time of reflection and charitable giving, a chance to support our Veterans and their families.

veteran mother holding daughter

Vote Vets is a wonderful organization passionately advocating for Veterans' rights. Their impactful work, elevating the voices of Veterans through electoral endorsements and by ensuring legislative policies get put into place which positively impact the lives of active service members, Veterans, and the country, is truly inspiring. As a trusted charity, Vote Vets upholds transparency and accountability, making every donation count.

This Veterans Day, HopScotch and Grape® made a generous donation to Vote Vets. HopScotch and Grape® received some donations from supporters over the summer at various festivals centered around promoting diversity within the alcohol industry. They decided to do a % match to the amount they received, plus add their own donation on top of that. This contribution furthers the cause of Veterans' well-being, proving that a good drink and a good deed can indeed go hand in hand.

The potential impact of HopScotch and Grape®'s donation goes beyond financial aid. They hope it serves as an inspiration for other organizations and individuals to contribute to Veteran causes. Corporate social responsibility is not just a buzzword; it's a potent tool for positive change. We encourage our readers to consider ways they can contribute to Veterans' welfare.

If you’d like to donate to Vote Vets, you can do so here

HopScotch and Grape® have shown us how a quality beverage can pave the way for a noble action. Their generous donation on Veterans Day reiterates the importance of giving back. As we reflect on the sacrifices made by Veterans, let's consider ways to support them, not just on Veterans Day, but throughout the year. After all, a good drink and a good deed are the perfect pairing.

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