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Whiskey Glass Up Close


21 Seeds

Kat, Nicole & Sarika, two sisters, one friend, all natural: infused Tequila. 

21 seeds

Catskill Provisions

Claire M Marin, CEO & Founder of Catskill Provisions, is one of the few female distillers in the USA. She has produced several Non-GMO double distilled spirits such as Pollinator Vodka, Pollinator gin, Beespoke gin, NY Honey Rye whiskey and NY Maple Bourbon. All are made grain to glass using only NY State Grains and grapes.

catskill provisions

Forest Distillery

The Forest Distillery is a unique 17th century barn, nestled within the beautiful Macclesfield Forest in the United Kingdom. It is here that the Bond family and a small team of weasels daily distil spirits of the very highest quality, predominately using organic and foraged ingredients.

forest distillery

Lussa Gin

Lussa Gin is an expression of the wild landscape on the Isle of Jura, situated off Scotland’s west coast. Run by a trio of women, they use 15 botanicals they can grow or gather from the island’s hills, coastline, woods and glens to create a zesty, aromatic dry gin.

lussa gin

Brighton Gin

Brighton Gin, founded  by Kathy Caton and located in the United kingdom, epitomises the Spirit of Brighton: unusual, fun-loving, open-minded, fiercely independent and ethically conscious.

brighton gin

Crooked Water

Founded by Heather Manley, Crooked Water Spirits creates all products adhering to these three fundamental traits: Quality, Innovation and the Experience.

crooked water spirits

Harridan Vodka

Harridan Vodka is female-founded, female-owned and dedicated to empowering women. Their vodka is gluten-free, made from organic corn and bottled in handblown bottles from recycled glass in Mexico.

harridan vodka

Rhode Island Spirits

Rhode Island Spirits is the brainchild and full time occupation of Cathy Plourde & Kara Larson, who are the founders, owners, and distillers.

rhode island spirits
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