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Celebrating Women's Excellence - 10 Women-Owned Liquor Brands for Women's History Month

As we honor Women's History Month, we celebrate the resilience, creativity, and contributions of women in every sphere of life, including the spirits industry. Women-owned liquor brands not only produce exceptional beverages but also represent empowerment, innovation, and diversity. At HopScotch and Grape, we raise a glass to 10 remarkable women-owned liquor brands that embody excellence and inspire us all. Join us in recognizing their achievements and supporting their endeavors as we toast to Women's History Month.

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Why Women's History Month Matters

Women's History Month is a time to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements, struggles, and progress of women throughout history. It's a reminder of the barriers women have overcome and the strides they continue to make in various fields. By honoring Women's History Month, we pay tribute to the women who have paved the way for future generations, championed equality, and shattered glass ceilings.

The Importance of Supporting Women-Owned Brands

Supporting women-owned liquor brands is a powerful way to empower female entrepreneurs, promote gender equality, and foster diversity in the spirits industry. These brands bring unique perspectives, innovative flavors, and a commitment to quality that enriches the world of spirits. By choosing to support women-owned liquor brands, we contribute to a more inclusive and equitable industry where talent, creativity, and entrepreneurship thrive.

10 Women-Owned Liquor Brands to Raise a Glass To

  1. Crooked Water Spirits Based in Minnesota, Crooked Water Spirits creates artisanal spirits with a focus on quality and craftsmanship, offering a range of innovative and flavorful options.

  2. 21 Seeds 21 Seeds infuses tequila with real fruit for a refreshing and vibrant taste experience, showcasing the creativity and ingenuity of its female founders.

  3. Forest Distillery Located in England's Peak District National Park, Forest Distillery produces small-batch gin and whiskey using locally foraged botanicals, highlighting a deep connection to nature and sustainability.

  4. Brighton Gin Brighton Gin, crafted in the seaside town of Brighton, England, embodies the spirit of its vibrant community, with a commitment to supporting local initiatives and causes.

  5. Catskill Provisions Distillery Nestled in New York's Catskill Mountains, Catskill Provisions Distillery produces handcrafted spirits that capture the essence of the region's natural beauty and heritage.

  6. Silverback Distillery Located in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, Silverback Distillery specializes in award-winning whiskey, vodka, and gin, with a focus on quality and innovation.

  7. Cooper's Daughter Spirits Cooper's Daughter Spirits, based in New York's Hudson Valley, combines traditional distilling techniques with modern creativity to produce unique and flavorful spirits.

  8. Republic Restoratives Distillery Republic Restoratives, a women-owned distillery in Washington, D.C., is known for its innovative spirits and commitment to social responsibility, including initiatives supporting women's empowerment.

  9. Toulvaddie Distillery Toulvaddie Distillery, Scotland's first women-owned whiskey distillery, produces exceptional single malt Scotch whiskey, blending tradition with a progressive approach to distilling.

  10. Rhode Island Spirits Rhode Island Spirits crafts small-batch spirits using locally sourced ingredients, reflecting the rich history and culture of Rhode Island's artisanal distilling tradition.

This Women's History Month, let's raise a toast to the creativity, passion, and achievements of women-owned liquor brands. By supporting these remarkable brands, we celebrate diversity, empower female entrepreneurs, and contribute to a more inclusive and vibrant spirits industry. Here's to the women who inspire us, the spirits that delight us, and the enduring legacy of women's excellence in the world of liquor.

Remember, this is just a starting point. Many other amazing women-owned liquor brands deserve your support. Do your research and discover new favorites!

Because Diversity is the taste of life®!

Remember to enjoy responsibly!

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