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Brewing History: 10 Black-Owned Beer Brands to Celebrate this Black History Month

Updated: Feb 22

In February, we celebrate Black History Month—a time to honor the achievements, contributions, and resilience of Black individuals and communities throughout history. At HopScotch and Grape®, we believe in amplifying Black voices and supporting Black-owned businesses, including those in the vibrant world of craft beer. Join us as we shine a spotlight on 10 remarkable Black-owned beer brands that are making waves in the industry and preserving their cultural heritage through their craft.

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Why Black History Month Matters

Black History Month holds immense significance as it provides a dedicated opportunity to recognize and celebrate the diverse histories, cultures, and achievements of Black people worldwide. It serves as a reminder of the struggles and triumphs of Black individuals throughout history and highlights their pivotal role in shaping societies and cultures across the globe. By acknowledging and honoring Black history, we promote understanding, appreciation, and respect for the rich tapestry of human experience.

The Importance of Supporting Black-Owned Beer Brands

Supporting Black-owned beer brands goes beyond enjoying a refreshing pint—it's about empowerment, representation, and economic equity. By patronizing these breweries, we contribute to the growth and success of Black entrepreneurs in an industry where diversity and inclusion have historically been lacking. Additionally, supporting Black-owned businesses fosters economic empowerment within Black communities, creating opportunities for entrepreneurship, job creation, and wealth accumulation. Ultimately, it's about investing in a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

10 Black-Owned Beer Brands to Raise a Glass To

  1. Black Calder Brewing Founded in Michigan, Black Calder Brewing celebrates Black culture through its bold and flavorful brews, representing a fusion of tradition and innovation.

  2. Dope Cider & Winery Blending creativity and craftsmanship, Dope Cider & Winery offers a unique range of ciders that reflect the diversity of Black culture and flavors.

  3. Montclair Brewery Located in New Jersey, Montclair Brewery is committed to crafting high-quality beers inspired by community, culture, and heritage, with each sip telling a story.

  4. Crowns and Hops With a mission to elevate Black voices in the craft beer industry, Crowns and Hops creates dynamic brews that challenge conventions and celebrate diversity.

  5. Rhythm Brewing Co Rhythm Brewing Co, founded by Alisa Bowens-Mercado, brings rhythm and soul to the world of craft beer with its lineup of flavorful, dance-worthy brews.

  6. Sankofa Beer Named after the Adinkra symbol representing the importance of learning from the past, Sankofa Beer honors African traditions and history through its authentic and inspired beers.

  7. Soul Mega Based in Washington DC, Soul Mega brews with passion and purpose, infusing each beer with soulful flavors and a dedication to uplifting the community.

  8. Beale St Brewing Paying homage to the rich musical heritage of Beale Street in Memphis, Beale St Brewing serves up a symphony of flavors in each finely crafted beer.

  9. Liquid Intrusion Liquid Intrusion, based in Maryland, blends creativity and craftsmanship to create boundary-pushing brews that challenge and inspire.

  10. Black Viking Brewing Drawing inspiration from Norse mythology and African heritage, Black Viking Brewing offers a unique lineup of beers that celebrate the spirit of adventure and exploration.

This Black History Month, let's raise our glasses to honor the past, celebrate the present, and build a more inclusive future. By supporting Black-owned beer brands, we not only savor exceptional brews but also stand in solidarity with Black entrepreneurs and communities, amplifying their voices and contributions. Cheers to diversity, creativity, and the enduring spirit of resilience!

Remember, this is just a starting point. Many other amazing Black-owned beer brands deserve your support. Do your research and discover new favorites!

Because Diversity is the taste of life®!

Remember to enjoy responsibly!

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